CO300 Online


Welcome to CO300 Online Instruction for Instructors!  As our department expands our online course offerings, I am excited to share with you the new resources available for online instructors as well as the growing body of literature which affirms the many successes that online instruction provides for both students and teachers.

“Those who ignore technology hide behind the insights of the past to reject new configurations of rhetoric. Those who picture technology as an add-on underestimate the extent to which dialectic tensions occupy the literate spaces and activity of a digital age.”  

–Stuart Selber

The debate over online education’s ability to meet the same standards and

outcomes of face-to-face education has been prominent throughout all fields of

education since online instruction was introduced. However, the fact remains that

whether it parallels on-campus learning or not, it is in high demand. With the rising

costs of facilities, increasing numbers of students (especially unconventional

students), and technology’s prominent growth and influence in our culture, the

demand for online courses continues to increase. As online course numbers continue

to climb, the emphasis has begun to shift away from the debate over which mode of

education is better. Instead the debate now is over how each medium can improve the

other, and how can we use all of our resources to best educate the students of the



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